Monday, June 12, 2006

First Impressions

The interface is much tighter. They have foregone the blue-dominated color scheme for something that looks much more professional and much less “child-like”. When my gaze moves from the taskbar on Vista to the taskbar on XP I actually get a little shudder (have two computers here, one running the old and one running the new). The old color scheme was definately not suited to a workplace, but even at home it made me feel like I was playing with a toy. The new color scheme is comprised of grays and blacks… It has a very clean and smooth look to it.

My gut reaction is that the new OS seems to be geared more to ‘getting the job done’ in the most efficient way possible. Meanwhile, the old OS looks like it was trying to woo customers with pretty pictures that didn’t actually do anything, and at the same time making actually configuring the OS a real pain in the ass. This OS looks more ‘customizable’, possibly throwing a bone to linux users? I hope I am not dissappointed.


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