Monday, June 12, 2006

First Post!

Hi Everyone,

I was recently hired by a company here in Vancouver to test their database on the new Microsoft Windows "Vista" OS beta that was released a few days ago. I will also be using the beta of Office 2007 since the database is written in Access, so I will get a chance to play with that too.

At the end of each day I plan on writing a short blurb about the new system so that the world can get a picture of what their future will hold.

A bit about me - I am an experienced computer user. I have owned a computer since the age of 12, I have used the internet since it was text only, and I have worked at various places as a programmer, network assitant and quality assurance tester over the past 7 years. I am currently a law student and generally only use my computer casually, so I hope to give you all a good picture on the "use-ability" of the new OS, especially as compared to the XP system.

Intial review to come soon, stay tuned.

John R.


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